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How to Build a Professional WordPress Site on a Budget

Many people labor under the misconception that it is easy to build a website on WordPress. They’re surprised to find there’s more to it than just downloading WordPress. Here are our tips on building an excellent pro site on a budget.

Purchase an Affordable Domain

The domain is your website’s address. It’s how people will find you. Choosing a domain is usually the first step. Most WordPress web hosting providers offer domains for a small sum. You could also purchase a domain on a given site without getting hosting with the same provider. Don’t wait to buy a domain you like, because they go like hot cakes.

Buy a Hosting Package

Your site files live in your hosting account. There are many great WordPress web hosting companies out there. We’ve made a brief list of some of them.

  • BlueHost’s server quality and customer service are quite good for the price they charge.
  • Dreamhost is an excellent option with managed WordPress hosting at around $20 a month.
  • WPEngine is a bigger provider with lots of features, but the price is higher too. Hosting starts at around $30 a month. You need to pay extra for more space or bandwidth.

Install WordPress

This is not as simple as people believe! First, a database needs to be created. All three of the above domains have a quick WordPress install that can be done from the control panel of the hosting account directly. Look for the WordPress logo or something like “one-click installs.” This function will go a long way toward helping you create your site.

Visit your domain once the install is finished to complete the WordPress setup if you don’t get a prompt from the auto-installer. One of the most commonly hacked usernames online is “admin,” so choose another user name. Some themes allow you to customize with graphics, which is a great way to make your site look good. Experiment with fonts and colors.

Choosing a Theme

Theme Shaker is an excellent site to find a theme as it has many convenient filters to help narrow down your search. You can buy a great WordPress theme for $100 on average. This isn’t nearly as much as you’d pay for a developer or designer, so you’re saving lots of money if you find something that’s similar to what you want.

Premium themes aren’t always the best ones. Sometimes free themes are fantastically built, while premium themes can be coarse. We recommend researching the theme. Examine the demo version carefully and explore the features. Assure yourself it does what you want it to. As the user, you won’t be dealing with code, so you should be all good.

Final Thoughts

We’ll end with installing the theme. To do this, download the zipped file, then go to Themes under Appearance in your dashboard. Then, click on “Add New” and activate your theme after uploading your zipped file.

Good luck with your WordPress site!